Victoria Berg

Victoria Berg is a ceramic artist from Falun, Sweden. She trained in her homeland before moving to Scotland to study in Edinburgh at the turn of the century.

She works in a world of cryptozoological hybrid figures, coiled and hand built. To give them their colour and details she uses mostly slips and oxides.

Based on an imaginary Scandinavian Folklore where silent beaked and canine faced creatures dance in village burlesque bars and go shopping in granny underwear.


"I am interested in the underlining common language expressed in wordless speech and automatic handwriting, a place where hybrid creatures exist. I find myself experiencing all of the above frequently when I have had a few glasses of wine."   - Victoria Berg

  Description Price  
Dancing Hares sold  
Single Figure £185  
Education & Training
Artist In Residence, Edinburgh College of Art 2001-2003
Post Graduate Diploma Edinburgh College of Art 2000-2001
BA (Hons) Edinburgh College of Art 1997-2000
Pottery Training Konstskolan Kuben, Orebro, Sweden 1995-1997
Foundation Course Kyrkeruds folkhogskola, Arjang, Sweden 1993-1995